Oh, and censor conservative speech. That came up quite a bit during the hearing. Especially after what Project Varitas released. #Facebook #Google #Twitter #socialmedia #censorship #freespeech

Facebook-Owned WhatsApp Threatens to Sue Users Over Off-Platform Misbehavior

Facebook-owned Whatsapp, a messaging and voice over IP platform pledged to sue users over off-platform misbehavior. WhatsApp threatened users who dare to violate its Draconian rules with lawsuits even if the users break the rules outside of the messaging app. Even worse, the only judge is an AI. “[B]eginning on December 7, 2019, WhatsApp will take legal action against those we determine are engaged in or assisting others in abuse that violates our Terms of Service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use, even if that determination is based on information solely available to us off our platform,” WhatsApp warned in a FAQ entry Monday. “For example, off-platform information includes public claims from companies about their ability to use WhatsApp in ways that violate our Terms. This serves as notice that we will take legal action against companies for which we only have off-platform evidence of abuse if that abuse continues beyond December 7, 2019, or if those companies are linked to on-platform evidence of abuse before that date,” the company added. WhatsApp claimed it will ban users “based on machine-learning classifiers.” — In other words, algorithms will continue to suppress people who are messaging each other and sharing information.

As usual, the company did not get into specifics about how it will use algorithms to find offenders of its very vague Terms of Service, but its parent company Facebook has endless surveillance tools in its arsenal. WhatsApp is the second tech company to target users’ off-platform behavior. In 2017, Twitter announced it will be banning users based off of behavior both on and off the platform. Thanks to the tech tyrants surveilling and judging people’s actions, the US is close to having the same oppressive social credit score system that China implemented this year.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter should stick to what they say they were founded to do, and not start suing people like the RIAA did in the late 90s and early 2000s. I hate #Facebook with a passion, I often think about deleting my account. However, it's the only place that most of my family has an account on. Never-the-less, I think I'll give myself a birthday present and finally do it this year! #Socialmedia #surveillance

Facebook reportedly thinks there's no 'expectation of privacy' on social media

Facebook on Wednesday reportedly argued that it didn't violate users' privacy rights because there's no expectation of privacy when using social media. “There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Facebook counsel Orin Snyder said during a pretrial hearing to dismiss a lawsuit stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to Law 360. The company reportedly didn't deny that third parties accessed users' data, but it instead told US District Judge Vince Chhabria that there's no “reasonable expectation of privacy” on Facebook or any other social media site. The social network's legal argument comes as the world's largest social network is more publicly trying to convince people that it knows how to protect their personal information.<?a> Earlier this month, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said she and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will do “whatever it takes” to keep people safe on Facebook. Calls to curtail Zuckerberg's control over Facebook have escalated as the company continues to be plagued by problems, including issues around data privacy and security. Facebook is expecting to face a record $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission for its alleged failure to protect user privacy. The company's data-handling practices have been called into question in the wake of the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, during which personal information on up to 87 million Facebook users was improperly accessed. Chhabria appears set on letting at least some of the lawsuit continue, saying in #Facebook #privacy #security