The one where I post the final song.

In other words, the last one. Yep, I finished. I still have to record a final status update, and do a few things before I decide whether I’m actually ready to hit the bed or not. Right now I’m not, that will probably change in about an hour or so.n I’d like to thank everyone for reading and following along. I had a lot of fun over the past 24 hours! I’m already planning a next one, that will happen to coincide with the date of the extradition hearings next February. I’m not sure if it will be the weekend before, or the weekend after.n OK OK I promise! I’ll get to the song now! Wikileaks Anthem – Protest Song by Isaac Sloan This has been around since 2010. I still enjoy it today. When I was selecting songs, I thought I’d save the one I’ve had the longest for the end.

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