This Spoke To Me Today About Assange

This Spoke To Me Today About Assangen

nIsaiah 59:14nSo justice is turned away,nand righteousness stands at a distance.nFor truth has stumbled in the public square,nand honesty cannot enter.nAs Assange languishes in prison, in a hospital ward, suffering from the brutality of our Western society, this verse spoke to me. It spoke to me of the downfall of what was once an example of freedom. It spoke to me of a time when the press held the government accountable, the way it should be. It made me miss my youth.nThis verse spoke to me of how truth lays trampled in the street by corporate run propaganda centers calling themselves journalists. It whispered to me softly to be careful because independent journalists may be next. It shouted at me that real journalists are persecuted and slowly assassinated. It screamed of the injustice being done to our truth tellers today.nMostly though, I mourned the silencing of the greatest journalist of our time. The justice being lost as he is martyred underneath the very noses of those he sought to educate. I wept for the loss of a free speech advocate and a human rights hero. I felt the agony of the quietness left from one of the greatest human beings I have ever known. For I miss his words terribly.nThis verse reminded me of what they have done to a fellow man who cared. For him, I weep but I also fight! He deserves that.nI care enough to stand up and tell you what is happening to Assange is wrong. It is an injustice. It is an example of the hypocrisy of our politicians. An illustration of how our media is capable of helping to destroy one of its own. It is a sample of what tyrrany is to come if we don’t stop it.nYes, this verse spoke to me today. Loudly and clearly.n

n It speaks to me as well. I’m not sure how many times i’ve read through Isaiah and passed right over it. It will definitely stand out to me now!n#vigil #Wikileaks #Assange

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