Ron Paul talks about the Intelligence Authorization act.

No More Wikileaks! Intelligence Authorization Bill Criminalizes Whistleblowers And Reportersn Apparently, this is part of the big budget bill that should never be passed. Libertarians and big huge budgets don’t mix lol. Seriously though, this will mean that you can never report on anything any intelligence agency does. As Ron Paul says it’s “a total destruction of the concept of civil liberties.”n Please donate to Wikileaks, or the official defense fund. You can do so by going to, or I need a notification of this donation, so I can track the totals raised by this event. You can do so by emailing antipentrap(at), or sending a direct message to @antipentrap on Twitter. You can also fill out the donation notification form I created, it’s right here.n#Vigil #Wikileaks #Assange

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