Julian Assange 60 Minutes interview.

OK so these are a bit outdated, circa 2010. They were right in the middle of the Cablegate releases though, so they should be interesting, if you’ve never seen them before. For some reason, CBS decided to put them on Youtube in 2 segments.nhere’s part 1.nhere’s part 2.n Nope, still can’t find the stupid embed button. Also, I’m trying to alternate longer posts with shorter ones, so that I have some time to catch up.n Please donate to Wikileaks, or the official defense fund. You can do so by going to https://wikileaks.org/donate, or https://defend.wikileaks.org/donate/n I need a notification of this donation, so I can track the totals raised by this event. You can do so by emailing antipentrap(at)protonmail.com, or sending a direct message to @antipentrap on Twitter. You can also fill out the donation notification form I created, it’s right here.n#vigil #Wikileaks #Assange

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