CN LIVE! Nils Melzer, UN Rapporteur on Torture:

CN LIVE! Nils Melzer, UN Rapporteur on Torturen This is the first interview I’ve managed to watch with him, although I’m pretty sure he’s done a few. He explains what a special rapporteur is, and what he did when he went to visit Julian Assange in prison a couple months ago. Nope I can’t remember the date right off hand.n Please donate to Wikileaks, or the official defense fund. You can do so by going to, or I need a notification of this donation, so I can track the totals raised by this event. You can do so by emailing antipentrap(at), or sending a direct message to @antipentrap on Twitter. You can also fill out the donation notification form I created, it’s right here.n#vigil #Assange #torture

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