Thoughts on Gab and the Feddiverse.

On July 4th, Gab launched it’s new version. It uses a fork of Mastodon, which means they’ve introduced the ability for people to follow each other’s posts across instances. I use Gab, (no, I’m not a Trump supporter, Nazi, or white nationalist.) I’m a libertarian who believes in free speech.n As someone who believes in free speech, and property rights, I understand that it’s the right of each instance admin to block Gab. Whether I think they should is a different story. Gab is now part of the #Feddiverse, whether Mastodon admins, or the developers of the project itself like it or not.n Do people on other instances have to follow us? No they don’t! In fact, they can block every last one of us via Mastodon’s built-in filtering features. If they want to, they should. That’s completely up to them. However, it isn’t up to instance admins, or the mastodon developers themselves, to institute a global, project-wide block on Gab. There are around a million of us gab users, and around two million others who use other instances. I don’t see why we can’t coexist without being censored.n Wait… actually, I do. Most people think Gab is a site filled with nazis and white supremacists. While that comprises some users, it’s definitely not the majority, and most people are extremely nice. Most of them are Trump supporters, that’s for sure. However, that inherently doesn’t come with the libel being thrown at them by the mainstream media, and most everyone on the radical, establishment left. Yes, I said “radical, establishment,” because these things are now one in the same.n I understand that there are progressives who support free speech. I hope they still support it when we’re talking about gab and the Feddiverse. In other words, I hope they support it just as strongly for us who may be considered on the right, than those that have the same views.n#Gab #feddiverse #federation #freespeech #censorship

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