Blogging vigil for Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

You’re probably wondering what a blogging vigil is, right? To explain that I have to explain what Blogathon was. Blogathon was an event in which you posted every half hour for 24 hours, for a charity of your choice. The official event ceased to exist as of 2009, and I did several on my own after that.n It was always my dream to blog for Wikileaks in a Blogathon-like event. Well, ever since 2010 or so anyway. The official event had the rule that you had to blog for a US 501C3 charity, so that wasn’t an option then. It’s definitely an option now, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.n The blogathon format had a set start and end time. I have a set start date, July 27th, and a set start time 6 A.M PDT. However, the end time depends on how much I’m able to raise.n You’re probably thinking I’m crazy by now. No, I’m just willing to make myself extra loopy for Wikileaks, that’s all!n Here’s how I’m intending this to go. If I end up raising anywhere under $100 by Sunday the 28th at 6 A.M PDT I’ll call it good. I will have just completed an eighth Blogathon, this time for Wikileaks! If $100 or over is raised I’ll end Sunday evening at 6 P.M PDT. That’s 36 hours, and probably some loopy audio recordings follow this RSS feed to find out. If somehow the amount manages to hit $200, (don’t worry, I’ll have the currency converter handy,) I’ll end on Monday at 6 A.M. PDT. Anything over $250 gets capped at 50 hours, so I’d end at 8:00 A.M. PDT On Monday.n Now here’s the interesting part. In order to keep track of the total amount raised, I’ll need you to notify me of the amount you donated, after you You’re done with the transaction. can either go to, and donate to Wikileaks itself, or, to donate to the Wikileaks staff legal defense fund.n As for donation notification instructions, you can fill out my crappy attempt at form building, (blind people and WYSIWYG form builders definitely do not mix! That’s right here. Or you can just DM and/or mention @antipentrap on Twitter. I’m also on Gab as @hope if you want to notify me that way. If you’re averse to social media, and really can’t stand my crappy form building attempt, you can email This is definitely not my personal email address.

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