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Live Unity4J vigil starting soon.

n here’s the video for this week’s vigil, the 27th. #Wikileaks #Assange

Live Unity4J vigil stream.

This is the 26th #Unity4J online vigil. It’s taking place live right now. The vigils started in March2018, when #Assange was still in the eccuadorian embassy. n

Assange arrest video.

OK, this is just me catching up from the last week. I have a whole lot of stuff to post and I’ll be posting quite a bit over the weekend. Oh yeah, here’s the video link.n #Assange #legal

Interview with Bill Binney. Binney talks about #Wikileaks and today’s Mueller report release. This took place yesterday.n Also testing embeds, not sure how or whether it will actually work.

Migrating to

Techliberty has been a WP blog for a while, but yesterday I got the wild idea to bring it over here. Mostly because there are a lot of things going on I want to catch up with, and also because it’s cheaper than my WP hosting. This also gave me an idea for a blogging event that I’ll most likely be doing at the end of July. I’ll talk about that as it gets closer.